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Restaurante El Barco

El Barco


EL BARCO is a company that was founded in 1975. Born of the illusion of Jacques, from generation with a quality experience and 35 years in this pioner establishment Vinaros promenade.

Located in the best area Vinaros, on the promenade facing the majestic Forti Beach..

A traditional Mediterranean cuisine is our specialty rice and of course, the acknowledged king prawns Vinaròs, all with excellent value for money.

The quality of the products and the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant, offering guests a unique environment that will never forget off the Mediterranean seashore.

Nothing matters more to us than customer satisfaction. therefore every day we strive to continue to satisfy our customers with the best product, best location and best price.

The family of The Boat Restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine with the best products and quality service. The warmth and highlight the maritime environment in this restaurant that offers only top quality products at competitive prices.

Reservations Tel. 964 45 16 85